What Makes A Good Flat Roof

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Flat roofing used to be synonymous with low quality materials and a fast way to have a new basic roof. However, with developments in technology and therefore improved materials flat roofing has made a rapid comeback.

Now extremely popular in modern architecture in the UK for a number of reasons such as being easy to maintain, durable and very stylish in the right context. The high performance materials available for flat roofing along with its cost effectiveness mean it’s a great option to withstand the often harsh weather of South Wales. When installed properly, flat roofs can last a very long time.


The Membrane: A strong membrane is essential. While their primary function is to waterproof the flat roof area, they also allow water to flow into the gutter system from a slight inclination or camber. Choose from RBM, Liquid Waterproofing, and GRP Roofing Systems, EPDM or Single Ply Roofing Systems, and Paints and Solutions.

End-use: Because the weight of a membrane or planters can cause deflection, this must always be considered. When considering the installation of solar panels on a flat roof, this is also an important consideration.

Roof deck: The roof deck is the foundation or base that supports and supports the entire flat roof. It must be designed to support all loads to which it will be exposed in all seasons and weathers, and the method of attachment to it must be suitable and sufficient.

If there is insulation between the joists, it must be ventilated properly, or the insulation will need to be removed. Good ventilation is necessary for the free flow of air, which prevents moisture from condensing and causing damp and other roof damage.

A flat roof must have adequate falls to clear surface water as quickly as possible. The slope of the joists may be used to create the required falls. If not, cut-to-falls insulation might be required.


Finally, a good quality membrane installed by a good roofing contractor who is trained and approved for that flat roofing system will aid in the creation of a good flat roof with a long life.

For every situation, a flat roofing system will not be the best option. As a result, you should carefully examine all aspects of the building, including the current roof. We can’t tell you which roofing material or roofing system is best for your flat roof, but we’re confident that if you follow the steps outlined above and do your research, you’ll soon figure out what makes a good flat roof and, more importantly, who to hire to install it.


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