How To Clean Your Flat Roof

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As we begin to feel the winter bite, it is very important that your flat roof remains clear of dirt and debris – but do you actually know how to clean your flat roof? Like it or not, the weather has begun to get colder and windier. Temperatures have started to plummet, and the weatherman has already begun to talk about high winds and even snow in South Wales.

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Most of the leaves fell to the ground. But many, along with dirt, dust and other debris whipped up by these blustery winds, will end up on our roofs. Annoying, yes, but did you know that ignoring this mess and hoping it will go away can actually lead to an expensive repair bill?

It is of great importance that you know how to clean your flat roof before the leaves, twigs, mould and algae build up to the point where they block gutters and create harmful water pooling on the roof. You may need to carry out the following on a fairly regular basis:

Basic Flat Roof Maintenance

Make outside and internal checks – take a good look at your flat roof every six months or so to spot any seasonal changes or small issues. Check the ceiling inside your home for any water damage, rising moisture or damp. This may indicate a more serious problem that will need further investigation and maybe an expensive flat roof repair.

Remove any debris – clean the flat roof, gutters and any other drainage areas of leaves, twigs and dirt to enable rainwater to run off your flat roof freely and without hindrance.

Check the surrounding foliage – if there are lots of trees close to your home, it is far more likely that your roof will end up with debris. Keep trees trimmed if possible.

Here are Duraseal’s top tips on how to clean your flat roof in order to maximise its lifespan. You should clean your flat roof every six to twelve months to prevent the build-up of dirt, leaves and debris. Before cleaning, brush off any loose leaves and debris carefully.

How To Clean A Flat Roof

Pressure washer: A pressure washer is a great and simple option if you are looking for an effective, environmentally friendly method of cleaning your flat roof. A pressure washer does not require chemicals – it simply uses approximately 2.4 gallons of water per minute to wash away dirt, moss and algae.

Gutter Cleaning SkyVac

While you are at it why not get your gutters cleaned? We use SkyVac – The world’s most powerful free-standing gutter cleaning machine. It cleans gutters effectively from the ground using a very powerful vacuum. It has also a unique built in camera to ensure nothing gets left behind and it reaches over the awkward spaces like extensions and conservatories.

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If you do not have the time, know how or the basic inclination, why not call in the professionals! If you are unsure of how to clean your flat roof, concerned about making a mistake, scared of heights or simply unwilling to spend your free time up a ladder, it won’t be difficult to find a local cleaning company. Just make sure that the person you choose is a recommended specialist in flat roof cleaning.

Have you considered upgrading to a maintenance-free flat roof?

If you are looking for flat roofing in South Wales, make Duraseal your first call. Established since 1995, our team of local experts can install and repair residential flat roofs at competitive prices. Our quick and reliable service ensures that your home will remain warm, dry and protected against any weather.

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