Rubber Roofing Aberdare, South Wales

Look no further than the professional team at Duraseal for a rubber roofing service in your local area. 

Our team design, construct and repair systems across South Wales, and we have become an established name among home and business owners. 

Whether you need us to work on a domestic or commercial property, we keep our prices low and our standards high. 

Rubber and EPDM membranes are ideal for a range of applications, from garages and extensions to whole buildings. 

These materials have a number of benefits, including long lifespans and a flame-free application process, making it safe and easy to install for our specialists. 

We can source quality materials from leading manufacturers, so you can rest assured that with Duraseal, you are choosing a team you can trust.

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Weatherproof Rubber Roofing System

We can install a weatherproof rubber roofing system for your property, so give us a call for our reliable workmanship. 

This material is incredibly durable as well as puncture resistant and is a popular choice due to its unrivalled waterproofing properties. 

When we install the material, our team will ensure it is completely watertight with our expert application.

This also includes edge trims for a smart finish.

In addition, it also has high resistance to heat and UV damage, as it is extremely elastic and doesn’t shrink in extreme temperatures. 

No matter what weather your system experiences, it will remain in great condition. 

Many rubber membranes have lifespans of 30 – 50 years – this is exceptional.

It makes them cost effective and environmentally conscious as they do not need to be replaced frequently.

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An EPDM roof is made from a synthetic rubber, which is manufactured from ethylene propylene diene monomer.

Essentially sourced from natural gas and oil. 

It is available in a range of sizes and it can either be fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted to your surface.

EPDM is often preferred over traditional materials like torch-on felt, as the application process is flame free and much safer to complete. 

There are no naked flames or dangerous equipment involved. 

It is perfect for use on domestic and commercial flat systems, including sheds, garages, balconies and extensions. 

We offer a complete installation service from start to finish, so get in touch with us to speak to a member of our team today.

Rubber Roof Installation Cost

With our rubber roof installations, we always keep our costs competitive. 

Rubber is a very cost-effective material due to its long lifespan, therefore it is a worthwhile investment for your property. 

Look no further than the specialists at Duraseal for services you can rely on.


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