What Is The Best Domestic Roofing in Swansea?

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People often ask; what is the best domestic roofing in Swansea? As experts in the trade, and with many years’ experience under our belts, Duraseal Roofing Ltd are the people to call. Our friendly team are happy to help you and suggest what we think would work best for your unique home and its requirements. For now, read on to find out more and decide which would be the best roofing for your property. 

Local Domestic Roofers 

We are your local domestic roofer which you can trust, and it is important to go to a company you have confidence in to do the job properly. Duraseal Roofing Ltd are a reliable and experienced roofing company who for many years have helped homes and businesses of all kinds be protected from the unpredictable weather the UK often experiences.  

There is something for every style of home no matter how modern or old fashioned it may be. Our team have also worked on some very unique roofing shapes, proving that even the most unique homes can be protected by us. If you are interested in hiring our services, be sure to contact us today.  

What Is the Best Type of Flat Roofing for My Home? 

A wide variety of roofing types are available to help decide ‘what is the best type of flat roofing for my home?’, which is a question we often get asked. The answer to this of course depends on your individual preferences and the style of home you have. This decision is not one to be rushed and we have compiled some key information about each option we offer here at Duraseal Roofing Ltd: 

Flat Roofing 

Our flat roofing comes in many forms. One of them being our warm flat roof, which improved your homes heat retention and insulation. This has saved many households money each year due to reduced heating and energy bills. 

Flat roofing is great for extensions and can make properties blend in better with their surroundings as their exterior is minimal. If your home is of a more modern design too, this is a great way to tie together all the perfect lines and simplistic decorations.  

GRP Roofing 

If you’re looking for a strong and seamless option, GRP roofing may be the option for you. It can be applied to a range of roof styles including flat roofs. Having a fibreglass material is what makes this so versatile and long wearing. They have been used for years on homes and businesses to deliver a waterproof finish, which is also why they are used to seal boats and ponds. If they can protect these then it will easily take care of your home.  

As one of our more popular roofing choices, we would recommend this to anyone. And our experts are fully trained in installation and repairs to existing roofing so be sure to contact us today to receive a quote for our services. 

EPDM Roofing 

Our EPDM or single ply roofing is one of our most cost-effective options for your home. It is applied in pliable synthetic polymer sheets and can be heated and remoulded to fit your roof perfectly. No matter the shape of your roof or the size of it, this option is widely available. As well as being water resistant, this roofing is also fire resistant and it is virtually impossible to set alite. It can also stop the spread of fires due to the material used.  

Typically, this durable roofing can last for 50 years and very rarely needs to be repaired. The sun’s rays are not able to infiltrate or ruin the quality of EPDM roofing which makes it a favourite for hotter parts of the country too. 

Duraseal Liquiflex 

Why not choose our very own Duraseal Liquiflex – a unique and extremely durable material? It is a great method of waterproofing your roof and you can decide the thickness of the film depending on your requirements, this is controlled easily with the application being with a roller brush. The effectiveness is not tainted by long exposure to UV rays and too with the opposite of long periods of rainfall.  

This method can be used for any style of home or building, whether that be metal or ballasted roofing. It is also good for gutter linings and asbestos encapsulation. You may also want to consider this for new builds and even extensions which it is commonly used for already by many home owners. 

Why Do Tiles Make a Good Roof? 

A great option for housing is tiled roofing, but why do tiles make a good roof? Firstly, they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as storms and heavy rainfall and, when installed correctly, tiled roofing can last for 50 years or more – depending on how well they are maintained. They are the longest lasting material and have been a favourite of many people for centuries. Fire resistance is provided as well as better protection from infiltration of harder objects and they also tend to have a more desired look as opposed to flat roofing. This however does depend on your style and the look you are wanting to achieve for your home but if you are interested in having tiles roofing installed onto your properties roof, be sure to get in contact with Duraseal Roofing Ltd today. 

Domestic Roofing Quotes Swansea 

Be sure to contact Duraseal Roofing Ltd today if you’re looking for domestic roofing quotes in Swansea. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and offer more about our roofing options and how we can improve your home. We hope we have answered the question of what is the best domestic roofing in Swansea, but if you would like more information, call us.

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