What Factors Can Affect Your Roofs Lifespan

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Keeping your roof at its best will greatly improve its lifespan and as a result save you money in the long run too. There are things that can affect how long your roof will last and being aware of what these are can greatly help you keep an eye on them before they become an issue.

How Weather Affects Your Roof

• Sun- Although not a great issue in the UK, over exposure to heat can cause cracking in your roof tiles.
• Wind- Strong wind can cause problems on your roof. It can cause roof tiles to be lifted & broken and damage from debris hitting the roof. It’s always worth checking after storms etc to ensure there has been no damage to your roof.
• Rain- Water getting into your roofs structure can cause major issues. Always check in your roof space for any holes and deal with them as soon as possible.

Trees & Moss On Your Roof

Overhanging trees can cause wear & tear and damage from fulling branches, so always keep them trimmed back and away from the house where possible. Moss growing on your roof is usually a sign there is water available for it to grow, check all areas of the roof to see where the moisture may be and if you’re not sure contact a professional.

Roofing Materials

What roofing material is your roof made from? Most people will not know but it is worth checking. Is it right for the conditions the house is in? Making sure it suits the houses lifestyle and will stand up to the weather conditions will give you a guide about its potential lifespan.

Damaged Or Failing Flashing

Flashing helps to keep water out and protects your roof space. Damaged flashing can greatly affect your roof so getting professional repairs as soon as you become aware is important.

Lack Of Maintenance

Keeping your roof up to date and at its best is key to its lifespan. No matter how expertly the roof was installed, if maintain is not kept up it will start to wear away at your roof. Contact professionals to do works beyond simple maintenance to ensure the work is of the best quality.

How Old Is Your Roof

You may know this question, or you may have bought your house and aren’t quite sure how old the roof is. All roofs have an expected lifespan and if it’s starting to look tired, in need of repair, it could be time for an upgrade.


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