Excess Water On A Flat Roof South Wales

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All properly designed flat roofs will drain water and keep them clear & relatively dry. If any excess water on a flat roof remains after 48 hours these areas will need to be looked at. These areas will be referred to a ponding water and can cause issues.

Ponding water can result in  the roof weakening and requiring repair or in major cases replacement.

Vegetation on a Flat Roof

Moisture on a roof can result in weeds, grasses, algae and other planets growing on the roof. Which can result in the drainage areas being blocked. The clogs can cause further ponding and weakening the flat roof.

Does Ponding Water Attract Insects & Birds

Water attracts life, pure & simple. Insects such as mosquito’s, other insects can also be attracted but should they move inside there may be a chance a pest exterminator will be required. Birds can also be attracted by standing water, in some cases they will start to nest and the possibility of noise, excrement and debris. Which again will result in extra expense in having to have them removed.

Ice Damage On A Flat Roof

Ponding water in the winter months can result in ice forming on the flat roof. This over time will weaken the membrane and result in leaks in multiple places and in some cases a major breakdown in the flat roof system.

Flat Roofing South Wales

If you are looking to remove any excess water on a flat roof in South Wales, make Duraseal your first call. Established since 1995, our team of local experts can install and repair residential & commercial flat roofs at competitive prices. Our quick and reliable service ensures that your home will remain warm, dry and protected against any weather. No matter the size of your property, our fully qualified tradesmen offer roofing solutions, professional advice and high-quality workmanship to all our installations. In addition, we are also available for roof repairs and general maintenance work.

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