Why Inspect Your Roof For Problems?

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Why inspect your roof for problems? If your roof is a slate roof, pitch roof, flat roof, or any other kind of roof, it is a major feature of your home. Ensuring that it protects your house and family is important. Making regular checks will allow you to get repairs and replacements where needed and protect your home from further damage.

How To Inspect Your Roof

We would never recommend walking out onto your roof at any time, this can be dangerous for you and cause more damage to the roof. Make a note for a regular bi-yearly check of your roof and of course after any major weather situations to check for damage and any roof maintenance issues. Either stand in front of your property and make a check of your roof or use a ladder to get closer. Major issues will stand out but using binoculars is a great tip to see along any joins for areas in need of repair.

What Can You See On Your Roof

There are lots of things to see on your roof and just as many to check. Below is a handy list to help you make a start on your checks: 

Moss and lichen: A sign of decay from underneath your roof.
Condition of the roof flashings: Rusted leaky roof flashing may require removal of some good slates to repair the flashing.
The condition of the roof coating: Check for scrapes and holes.
The drainage system: Standing water could cause premature damage, this is more common on flat roofs.
Guttering: Inspect your gutters for blockages and dirt.

Roof Repairs Near Me

If you have any roof repairs or questions, then Duraseal in South Wales can help. We have shown you why you should inspect your roof for problems and if you notice any, we are your trusted local roofing contractors and are here to help. Established since 1995, our team of local experts can install and repair residential & commercial roofs at competitive prices. Our quick and reliable service ensures that your home will remain warm, dry, and protected against any weather.

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