Is A Slate Roof Right For Your Home?

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There are many choices for your roofing materials and there are some factors that affect which choices you make. One of these choices is slate, so is a slate roof right for your home? Slate has many bonuses and is a great material for your roof. We wanted to show you what slate roofing is and the many advantages.

What Is Slate Roofing

Slate is a natural metamorphic rock that is mined across the world and in certain parts of the UK such as North Wales. It has become a popular choice for its natural water resistance, absorbing less than 0.4% of water that lands on it, and of course it looks great too.

Why A Slate Roof Looks Good

A slate roof is made from natural material, you can’t beat the unique shape and form. The natural patterns in the rock gives a subtle effect to your roof. Often used to give a traditional look, it’s ideal for a period look to your home. Used across the world it really give a undeniable air of history.

How Long Will A Slate Roof Last

A slate roof can last a long time with good maintenance, making it the perfect choice for a modern home or an update for your period property. Because it lasts so long, it is a very cost effective choice, along with it being eco-friendly, as replacing and repairing only needs to happen rarely this has a great effect on your homes carbon footprint.

Slate Roof Maintenance South Wales

Slate roofing is the low maintenance choice. Because of slates durability, it has a low need for repairs, when properly installed. Also, as slate is highly water resistant it is ideal for protecting your roof from damp and mould. On the odd occasion you should need slate roof maintenance in South Wales, contact Durseal.

Slate Roofing Near Me

Duraseal offers reliable and professional slate roofing services to all of our customers. Working throughout the region, our team are experts in laying and repairing slate and tiled roofs. Whether you need us to replace some broken tiles or refurbish your whole roof, our fitters can take on the task!

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