How To Protect Your Roof

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As we all know, keeping your roof in its best condition is important, after all it protects your home so, knowing how to protect your roof and keep it in order is key. By being aware of any changes or signs something may need repair will help and knowing when professional help is needed. We will give you some things to look out for and let you know when it’s time to call Duraseal.

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can be one of the most important and obvious ways of noticing there is an issue. Leaks can, if left, have devastating effects on the safety of your home. Unnoticed leaks can cause structural damage to the beams that support your roof. So, if you see signs water maybe making its way into your home, such as a water stain on the ceiling or a puddling in one of your room, it’s time to investigate.

Should you not be sure, or you can confirm the leak s coming from your roof space, contact a professional to help. Here at Durseal we are more than happy to provide you with the best advice and repairs. Remember, leaving the issues can result in higher costs for you, when a simple repair may have solved the problem.

How does Your Roof Look

This seems like an odd one, but it is very effective. By just looking at your roof regularly you will have a better idea of any changes that should occur. Most of us don’t look at our roofs regularly, simply because we have our lives to get on with but taking 10 mins to stand outside our homes and check for any damage or changes can save us money in the long run.

Check the guttering and signs of any missing roof tiles or displacement. A simple repair is better than a full roof replacement so, it’s best to take the time.

Condensation And Damp In Your Roof

Your roof is designed to keep moisture at an acceptable level. By having the correct insulation and properly installed will help to combat the chances of condensation and damp occurring. As we are sure your aware, damp can lead to mould which has health risks for your household. If you notice any mould it is important to act now and get it under control. Knowing the source is important so, both the mould and the repair can be undertaken by a local roofing professional.

Roofing Repairs South Wales

We hope you are now more aware of how to protect your roof and if you are looking for roofing repairs in South Wales, make Duraseal your first call. Established since 1995, our team of local experts can install and repair residential & commercial flat roofs at competitive prices. Our quick and reliable service ensures that your home will remain warm, dry, and protected against any weather.

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