How To Spot Roof Problems

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Winter isn’t the best time to get major roofing work done, but it is the time to identify what work needs to be done and completing any small tasks there are. You won’t want to have your roof replaced when the weather is at its worst, unless it’s an emergency. It’s also a great time to catch roofers for repair work, as they tend to be less busy than in warmer seasons. We at Duraseal have outlined a few common things to look out for when it comes to finding these issues.

Roof Inspections Wales

Most roofing jobs aren’t big ones so don’t be afraid to look up or just ignore a problem in the hope that it’ll go away. A roofing contractor will be able to put you at ease and start work to get any roofing issues sorted. Leaks are often down to minor issues or wear and tear above the supporting structure that makes up your roof. Look up and check what’s going on up there and be sure to do it from as many angles as you can. If you’re friendly with the people across the street, then you may find that looking from their upstairs window is a help, giving you a better view of your property.

The roof is designed to repel water evenly so any areas where water appears to be gushing off or absent in the rain may indicate a problem.

How Do I Inspect My Roof?

Winter is a great time to check your roof’s watertight. It should be warm and dry – there may be a little breeze if it’s very cold and windy but there shouldn’t be any visual signs or smells of damp. Check upper corners, around your chimney stack (if you have one) and the water tank to make sure it isn’t leaking. If you have any doubts and are living in Wales, don’t hesitate to call us to speak with one of our experts.

Common Roofing Issues

There are lots of small problems that can affect a home’s roofing, thankfully, in most cases you’ll only need some small repairs doing. Common problems include:

• Missing, lose or cracked slates or tiles
• Blocked gullies or gutters
• Worn or cracked flashing (the lead finishing around the tiles or slates)

If you have skylights, leaks could occur if they were poorly installed. Especially in Wales, damage to roofing is often caused by wind, with TV aerials sometimes being blown and causing damage. In most cases your roofer may have to use scaffolding to complete the work, but you can ask about this while arranging a quote.

Emergency Roof Repairs Wales

If there’s something seriously wrong with your roof, then it may need a more extreme repair or replacement. It’s good to know that the average lifespan of a roof is around 25 years. If your roof is bowing or you’re losing a lot of tiles, work may have to be done – soon! In some cases, you can need the structure replacing or repairing, which may mean new beams. This is rare and often results from poorly installed roofs, but this may cause the wooden supports to warp or twist. If you find you’re in need of expert help or advice, give us a call to arrange a visit as soon as possible from a member of the team.

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