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If you’re struggling with what roofing option is best for you, Duraseal are here to help you make a final decision. This blog outlines the pros and cons to slate roofing. After reading this, you should be fully aware of everything a slate roof brings so that you can make an educated and informed choice.

What is Slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is most commonly found in Spain, Brazil, China, and Australia, although in the UK, there are also slate quarries in North Wales, Cornwall, and Cumbria. It has proven extremely popular as a roofing material throughout history because of its natural water resistance, absorbing less than 0.4% of any water that lands upon it.

Although most of the market is still dominated by slate taken from mines, more homes are switching to a lighter and equally durable alternative in the form of artificial slate. It’s eco-friendlier and overall easier to install so it’s no wonder why more homebuilders see the benefit of this roofing option.

Slate Roofing Advantages

Good Looking Roofing

Slate roofing has an amazing look which ads style to any home. The natural patterns give slate a subtle but unique form and shape. Also, given how long slate has been a part of traditional construction, it carries an undeniable air of history and gravitas.

Long Lasting Roofing

A slate roof can very easily be expected to last between 100 to 200 years, sometimes at a minimum. Therefore, a centenary warranty on such products is not at all uncommon. This means that slate is exceptionally cheap in the long term and is highly sustainable since it will not need replacing for quite some time!

Low Maintenance Roofing

Because of the exceptional durability of slate, it should not need regular repair when it has been installed expertly. Due its high level of natural water resistance, slate is exceptionally resistant to the advancements of mould, fungus, and other unpleasant biological attackers, too.

Slate Roofing Disadvantages


It is one of the heaviest roofing options available and so larger space allowances will need to be made for new buildings which have it. With older buildings, there will need to be a proper inspection where a new slate roof is being fitted. This ensures ultimate safety and happiness for all customers.

If you are wondering whether your house is suitable for slate roofing, give us a call today on 01685 876818 to arrange a visit to your home.

Difficult to Replace

While slate is highly durable when it comes to the natural elements, it can be more fragile when humans are part of the equation. Since slate is manufactured in batches and so colour matching is often difficult to achieve, although it is much easier with artificial slate.

Complex Installation

Admittedly, these are not simple roofs to fit! Anyone claiming otherwise is likely to do a poor job, which could result in long and difficult repair procedures. Slate roofing is a highly specialised and you need to ensure that you have qualified experts like the team here at Duraseal to guarantee a good job.

At Duraseal, we offer a range of different roofing material options suitable for a range of homes. Whatever your preference, you can find the right roof for your home. Be sure to investigate as thoroughly as you can and if still in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our experts today – we’ll happily provide you with honest advice for your project.

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